Prayer Groups

New to the prayer? Want to know more? Come to one of our Introductory Workshops. Go to that page to locate upcoming dates, times and locations.  If you are interested in learning more and bringing a workshop to your area, please contact George Brotz,, or Lisa Schmatzhagen,

Already practicing centering prayer? Check out the prayer groups (prayer-groups-10-2016) and contact the facilitator of any group for more details. Praying in a group adds a fuller dimension to the prayer, results in bonding with others committed to the prayer, and offers accountability for the method. If there is no group in your area of Wisconsin, please contact George Brotz,, or Lisa Schmatzhagen, They lead the service team for introductory workshops.

Silent Saturdays are offered twice a month, the first Saturday of every month in Milwaukee and the third Saturday in Waukesha. This is a morning of prayer with Lectio Divina in a silent retreat like setting.

Milwaukee – First Saturday of every month
9 to 11:30 am
St Roman’s Parish
Kathryn Ann Kobelinski, SSND,



2 thoughts on “Prayer Groups

  1. Hello:

    I was wondering if there is currently a Silent Saturday meeting being held in Waukesha.

    Thank you in advance.


    Greg Wagener

    Oconomowoc, WI


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